Three Keys to Mastering Anything

Jan 08, 2019

Gerard Adams, creator of Fownders and also known as The Millennial Mentor™, has found that there are three key steps to mastering anything, whether it is a goal for your personal life or your business.

1. Model a Master

When it comes to looking for some direction, don’t be afraid to look to the people who have done this before you. Find a master in the field that you are interested, and treat them like a mentor – even if you don’t actually know them. Study them, read their books, learn from their mistakes and success, heed their advice. Then, get out there in the world with the lessons that you’ve learned and put those ideas into action.

2. Immerse Yourself 100%

Entrepreneurship is not something you can do half-heartedly. You have to immerse yourself into your ideas and your goals 100%. Many people (especially early-stage entrepreneurs) have a lot of passion but aren’t taking steps to fulfill that passion. Others are taking steps towards something but lack the passion and, therefore, their steps aren’t really taking them anywhere.

3. Repeat Repeat Repeat

You don’t see athletes walking onto the field or court and winning games without first stepping foot on the practice field. We all know that successful athletes practice or train or diet every day, so why don’t we treat everything else the same way? Everyone needs to build a process for themselves in order to form healthy habits that will change their lives. Whether you’re looking to master a simple task, a physical goal, a business objective, or a reach-for-the-stars dream, there are steps you should be taking every day to get you one step closer to mastery.

Every day, you should be feeding your mind, body, and spirit when it comes to mastering your goals. Feed your mind by learning from a master. Feed your body by being 100% invested with your whole heart and both feet taking steps towards your goal – maybe even literally steps to keep your blood pumping. Feed your spirit by forming daily habits that will motivate you to action.

Who are some of the experts in your area of interest that you consider a master in their field? What are some daily habits that you practice that help motivate you towards your goals? Let us know in the comments below!


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