Finding the Leader Within

Jan 14, 2019

Often times, the road to entrepreneurship is lonely. You may feel isolated at times. And those feelings of loneliness and isolation may be what brought you here to the Fownders website. You may be here looking for community and encouragement. Wherever you are on that journey, let me encourage you with this:

Find the leader within and lead yourself well first.

If you can’t lead yourself well, you won’t be able to push your dreams beyond your pillow. If you can’t lead yourself well, you won’t be able to pass that dream along to others. If you can’t lead yourself well, you won’t be able to lead others in pursuit of that dream.

The only way that you’ll be able to lead in the future is by leading yourself in the present.

You must learn confidence in yourself so that you can build confidence for your people. You must set habits and routines for yourself so that you can help others with their habits and routines. You must set standards for yourself before you hold others to standards alongside you.

But, this isn’t really new advice. It’s just advice that keeps being repeated because people keep needing to hear it.

People often hear the reminder that they need to “take care of themselves in order to be able to take care of others.” We tell this to parents, teachers, doctors, etc. But we as a society are sometimes bad at this. We are quick to focus too intently on the people around us or on our careers and forget that we need guidance and direction too.

3 Ways to Lead Yourself

Lead Your Mind

Always be looking to learn more. Acknowledge your intellectual weakness and educate yourself in those areas. Read books. Listen to podcasts. Watch the news. Stay knowledgeable and stay relevant.

Lead Your Body

Take care of your body. Don’t overwork yourself physically, but also don’t get so consumed in a project that you forget to take care of yourself. Eat right. Get outside. Walk 10,000 steps a day.

Lead Your Soul

It’s no secret or surprise that mindfulness has become more and more of a conversation in today’s day and age. Take a few minutes each day to have an honest conversation with yourself about what you need. If you don’t know how to do this, journaling is a great way to start. If you need rest, then rest. If you need encouragement, find a mentor. If you need guidance, don’t be afraid to ask questions. Be honest with  yourself when you look at your life and figure out what steps you need to take to be content and successful.


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