How to Pitch Venture Capitalists

Apr 29, 2019

Lack of capital is preventing a lot of people from starting their dream businesses and making their ideas become reality. Not many get the chance to pitch their ideas to investors but if and when the opportunity is given to you, you must be beyond prepared.

The most important thing is eye contact. Making eye contact gives the impression that you know what you are about and are confident in whatever message you are delivering. It also gives a sense of honesty. That confidence alone may push an investor to sign a cheque for you. Try not to dart your eyes too much around the room but make eye contact with everyone there for more than just two seconds. Remember to take your time as you pitch and pause to allow your words to settle well into the minds of your potential investors. It gives you authority, and the way you project your words can also affect how it is received.

Do not use a monotone voice but make use of highs and lows in your speech. This adds excitement and depth to your pitch and helps the investors to feel your enthusiasm about the project. Your intonation is one of the things that can turn your pitch into your capital.

When speaking to people, keep in mind Julian Treasure's key strategy HAIL, from his TED Talk "How to Speak So That People Want to Listen

H - Honestly (Be straight and clear)

A - Authenticity (Be yourself)

I - Integrity (Be your word)

L - Love (wish them well)


On the Fownders Membership platform, Stacee Mandeville gave us a talk about this and has even more tips and tricks if you’re in this position. Check it out.


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