Know Yourself

Apr 22, 2019

'So tell me about yourself.'

First dates, interviews, social media bios... This question is EVERYWHERE. And it may be tricky to answer.  We may even have different answers depending on who is asking. But who are you?

Who you are does not depend on what others say or think about you, especially people who are irrelevant in your life. Take time to assess yourself, your various strengths, and weaknesses because these make up 'You'. Really knowing yourself gives you confidence and helps you not fear what others have to say about you.

It will also help you to not take opinions from just anyone because you know your plans and what you can and can not accomplish. Too many opinions end up clouding your mind and makes you forget who you are.

Always remember that being an entrepreneur, or a success in whatever field you find yourself in, comes with a million and one mistakes. But during this process, you begin to know and understand who you are, as well as come up with ways of doing things better. The people who are bringing you down are either terrified to take risks themselves or terrified of you succeeding.

None of these are qualities you need to accommodate. As long as you push on, answering the question “Who am I?” not only becomes easier but the answer becomes richer

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