Meet Fownders Champion: Alex Quin

Mar 19, 2019

Fownders Champions are partners we've chosen around the country to host Value Exchange events and connect with you.

Alex Quin is a serial entrepreneur and influencer, who is best known for founding UADV. UADV is a Forbes accredited investment marketing firm with ties in the entertainment, luxury travel, and retail industries. Alex has been documenting his business journey from an early age on his social media platforms, which has built his following and viewers.

In documenting his journey, Alex has become an influential public figure that inspires his audience through his collaborations and strategic partnerships with major brands like Tile, adidas, McLaren, and Red Bull. He is also known for being one of the youngest members of the prestigious Forbes Agency Council- an invitation-only organization for executives in successful public relations, media strategy, creative and advertising agencies. 
He is currently the host of the Hustle Inspires Hustle Podcast. An entrepreneurship and self development podcast & video series with guests like Andy Frisella, Jason Stone the Millionaire Mentor, and Valeria Orsini.
You can check out one of his latest venture PalmEraMia. A globally distributed streetwear brand with billions of social impressions that makes contributions to clean water initiatives.
Entrepreneur Platform:
Clothing Brand:

Meet him at the March Value Exchange happening on the 28th in Miami.

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