New Year, New You, New Fownders

Jan 08, 2019

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With the beginning of each new year, we close another chapter of our lives. For many of us, things will not change drastically. We may drink more water or make efforts to go to the gym more. But on that first Monday morning of the new year, we may go to the same job at the same desk from last year.

And while there is nothing wrong with consistency from year to year, the changing of the calendar always invites us to reflect on the previous year and plan for the upcoming year.

Each new year will include wins and losses. And both will teach you something important.

Each new year may bring a renewed sense of time and energy. Direct that time and energy to things that are worthwhile, not things that drain you.

Each new year will introduce new challenges. Look for solutions rather than dwell on the problems.

Each new year will involve resources and opportunities. Some will be used, and some will be missed.


So as you look behind and look ahead, don’t be afraid to reflect and to plan. Use what you have learned from your past and apply it. Don’t be afraid to envision your life 20 years from today and visualize the success you want to have. And then start working towards that success today.

New Year’s Resolutions may not always be kept throughout the whole year, and that’s okay. So whether you are looking at the long term or overwhelmed by the future, settings goals for today and making plans for tomorrow can be an easy step.

Start with your top three priorities. These may involve changes that need to be made or partnerships you want to pursue. These priorities may focus on mental health or establishing your why before your jump into your what or how.

Our top priorities here at Fownders is YOU. We’ve reset this year and are back to focusing on the community that we’ve been and fostering those relationships.


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