Pacing for Your Purpose

Jan 28, 2019

As you look to the year ahead of you, it might seem overwhelming. You might have big goals and big dreams, and you may feel like you have to take a lot of big steps to achieve those things. But it’s actually the smaller, simpler steps that can you help stay motivated and on track over the course of the whole year.

Picture the year before you as a long-distance race. Long-distance runners don’t start out running their fastest or their hardest. They pace themselves. They start out steady and consistent. Not too slow, not too fast. They take in the runners around them and set their pace accordingly. They’ve practiced this. They know their skill and speed and set a pace that works for them and will allow them to finish strong.

Too many people treat a new year like a horse race instead. They come out of the gate hot. They start off fast and strong. They go hard from the moment they touch the track.

But a horse race only lasts about two minutes, and the year before you is more than a two minute race.

If you look at the year ahead of you as a long-distance race, then you can avoid the burnout or the breakdown that will prevent you from achieving your long-term goals.

So pace yourself. Work hard, but don’t work yourself so hard that you only have two minutes in you.


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