Tidying Up for Entrepreneurs

Feb 18, 2019

How the Marie Kondo’s KonMari method can help entrepreneurs keep certain areas of their life neat and tidy

Marie Kondo’s book and Netflix show “Tidying Up” has taken the world by storm and is inspiring many to better organize their lives. According to Marie Kondo, “Tidying not only changes your home or life, but it also allows you to create a space that suits your ideal self.” This theory can be important for entrepreneurs to think about as they envision a future for themselves both professionally and personally. Using the KonMari categories of organization, we’ve highlighted some ideas specifically for entrepreneurs to consider.

1. Clothes

There are two great essentials for entrepreneurs to always keep in their closet: a pair of black jeans and a classic blazer. These two pieces can be dressed up or dressed down, and they are both classic enough to always look the part of an aspiring or established business owner.


2. Books

As an entrepreneur, it is important to constantly pursue learning. An e-reader is a great way to keep a multitude or books sleek and organized. But some of you might still be old school and like the tangible pages. Don’t be afraid to keep books and continue your education, but only keep what you really value and what really teaches you.


3. Paper

When it comes to creating a space where you can work, paper can be your greatest downfall. It can pile up like a mountain, fill drawers, and overwhelm you. Some say a clean desk means an empty mind, while others say outward order brings inner peace. So if you are wanting or needing to declutter the paper in your office space, gather all your papers in your space and organize them into three categories: pending, important, and miscellaneous. With the papers you don’t want or need, shred and recycle them!


4. Miscellaneous

If you’ve seen any episodes of “Tidying Up” on Netflix, you know this category is called “Komono” and involves kitchen, bathroom, garage, and everything miscellaneous. If you’re just starting your entrepreneur journey, you might have the mindset that you need to save everything in case you need it in the future. And while this might save you a little bit of money somewhere along the way, it is also just as likely to become a cluttered burden. An important strategy here is to use plastic bins and decorative baskets to store your miscellaneous items in a more organized way.  


5. Sentimental

You may not think the “sentimental” category would apply to professional items as much as personal, but there are a few items that you can save and prominently display as reminders around your workspace. Framing and displaying your first client email, first paycheck, or some other item from the beginning of your journey can remind you of where you started. Also, framing any awards, certificates, or diplomas can display your hard work and expertise in your field. Other sentimental items an entrepreneur might have include special artwork, journal entries, letters, or photographs. Don’t be afraid to show some emotional connection to your profession!


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