Two Must-Reads for Entrepreneurs

Mar 04, 2019

In this digital, modern world, reading books is still a habit that is essential, especially for those who want to rise as entrepreneurs and leave a mark on this earth. Here are two essential books for the business-minded individual. Start your month off with these.

Tools of Titans by Tim Ferriss

A book that tackles three important areas in three different sections: Healthy, Wealthy and Wise. Ferriss gives advice on how to remain healthy which is essential to productivity. He also explains how you can remain wealthy which is actually the underlying reason for most people venturing into the world of entrepreneurship. Lastly, the book goes into how you can be wise and the need to learn how you as an individual learns. Learning is a never ending process and once one stops learning, one stops growing. In an ever-evolving, fast paced world like our own, it is important to know how  you learn and make the most of it. This book will help you tackle these three areas of your life and move onto the next level of your personal life and your life as an entrepreneur.

Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

Being an entrepreneur involves a lot more than hiring people and making money — a key ingredient in order to make your business a success is creativity. Gilbert encourages her readers to live a courageous life beyond fear. In the six different sections of the book, she shows how one can unleash the creativity bottled up inside, even if they are not necessarily 'art' people. Gilbert explains creativity as living a fearless life, and this book is the perfect guide to living that out.


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