Why Following Your Passion is More Important Than Money

May 13, 2019

Everyone is always talking about “Securing the bag” and “getting the dough,” but no matter how important it is to be able to provide for yourself, your finances are not the most important thing to consider.

Being passionate about your income-generating activities is one of the most rewarding feelings you could ever have. Even if that passion doesn’t bring in as much as you would like at the beginning, stick to it. Learn more and improve your skills in that field. Do what makes you feel alive and what brings you joy or stirs your passion.

It is almost impossible to wake up one day and you suddenly have a billion dollars in your bank account and that is completely fine. Getting into business expecting to earn six figures is setting your heart up for failure. As you work on the thing that makes you feel like you are making a difference, the thing that makes you feel like you have a purpose, the figures won’t matter much.

Do what you love and take your eyes off the money for your first few years. It is more important to build yourself, acquire more knowledge and skills and increase your network than it is to make money. Making money just ends there but by focusing on the others, you are preparing yourself for a future that brings in wealth because you have found out how to create the money rather than just getting it.

Tom Bilyeu’s talk in our platform gets an in-depth look into all of this and more. Take a look here.


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