Why You Should Listen to Your Heart

May 20, 2019

Being the first organ that you ever developed and the one responsible for your blood circulation, the heart is very important. Not only is it important, it's also intelligent. It sends commands to your brain in the same way that it receives commands from it. Our brains are more focused and we are more efficient when our hearts are beating at a calm steady rate.

Our hearts can even carry our memories. We can basically even think and make decisions with our hearts. Isn't that amazing? It makes you want to really take care of it well and make sure it's as healthy as can be.

Your heart has the ability to pick up on signals around you. There's an electromagnetic field around us and when our hearts are in a state of coherence, these signals can easily be picked and send messages to your brain. Since your brain has memory and can pick up on things in the atmosphere, it's important to listen to that 'gut feeling' that we get sometimes. When the atmosphere doesn't feel right or you have a bad feeling about something, often times this is where it is coming from

As an entrepreneur, you will be faced with many decisions. To make the best out of them make sure that your heart is healthy to enable you make sound judgement. And listen to your heart, it has intelligence.

Learn more in Monica Adam’s Heart Intelligence series over on Fownders.


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